How long can I keep my holiday home?

This varies from caravan to caravan and largely depends on the age of the caravan. Your lease period will be agreed at the time of purchase.

What happens at the end of the lease period?

Caravans must be either removed from the park (i.e. sold off site)  or scrapped at the owner's cost.  There is a de-siting fee which will be stipulated within your annual  contract.  At this time, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase a new or pre-loved caravan to be situated on your present plot.

What are the other running costs that need to be considered?

In addition to the annual site fees you must allow for the necessities of insurance and utilities; metered electricity, metered or bottled gas and rates.

How much are the annual fees?

For an eleven month contract the fee is £1998 (inc vat).

Can I live at Seven Bays Park?

Unfortunately no, all of our plots are holiday license only and as such for holiday home purpose only and therefore cannot be used as your residency.

Do you allow pets on your park?

Yes, we welcome well behaved pets, however we do insist on guidelines which must be adhered to out of respect for fellow owners such as dogs must be kept on a lead whilst on the park.

When is the park open?

11 months contract the site opens on 5th February until 5th January.

Can I let friends and family use my holiday home?

Yes of course, however, we expect any guests at your holiday home to abide by the park rules, and as an owner, you will be held responsible for the behaviour of all guests you allow to use your holiday home.

Do you allow sub-letting on your park?

Yes Seven Bays Park is more than happy to allow owners to sub-let to holiday makers only who must adhere to the site rules at all times.  Should you decide to sub-let, the park insists on added security and health and safety measures to be carried out, details of which can be found in your contract.

Can I move my holiday home onto your park?

If you are an existing caravan owner on another park but are unhappy with your current location, we will happily consider the relocation of your holiday home to our park. A full appraisal of your current holiday home will be required and full move on quotation will be supplied including charges for disconnections, collections, transportation, delivery and re-connection. Alternatively, we can also offer a quotation to part exchange your holiday home with us and start a fresh.  Please feel free to contact our sales team who will be more than happy to discuss this with you further.  (link to contact us page)

Will you part exchange my tourer?

Yes.  If you have decided to upgrade from touring home to static, we will work out a part exchange deal with our dealer specifically for you.  Just speak to one of our sales team for more details.

Do you provide finance options?

No, we do not provide finance options ourselves, but there are third party companies that do.

Do holiday homes come with a warranty?

All new holiday homes come with standard manufacturers warranties, which vary depending on manufacturer. We are happy to offer a 3 month warranty on selected pre-loved caravans from the date of purchase which covers all major appliances.  Full details will be provided at the time of purchase.

As an owner, how easy is it to upgrade my holiday home?

Upgrading with Seven Bays Park is simple, hassle free and more affordable than you might think.  Our sales team are always happy to sit and discuss options for upgrade including part exchange.